Comic Book Cover Competition 2023

Comic Book Cover Competition: Eco-Warrior Powers Up Tampines

We challenge you to create a comic book cover that will become the next comic collector’s item. The cover design must feature the comic character, the Eco-Warrior. His or her mission is to protect Tampines against climate change using one or more of the smart energy technologies.

The year is 2050, Tampines is a thriving Eco-Town committed to net zero carbon emission. To achieve this, the Eco-Warrior must protect Tampines from the potential harm of climate change. The Eco-Warrior is armed with smart energy technology. They are solar panels that harness energy, smart LED lights that manipulate light, cool paint that shields you from solar heat and electric vehicles that drive for miles on clean energy.


Age Group 7-12 Age Group 13-20 Open Category
Age 21 and above
  • 1st - $300 + prize
  • 2nd - $200
  • 3rd - $100
  • 10 Consolations:
    $20 x 10 = $200
  • 1st - $400 + drawing tablet
  • 2nd - $300
  • 3rd - $200
  • 10 Consolations:
    $20 x 10 = $200
  • 1st - $500 + drawing tablet
  • 2nd - $400
  • 3rd - $300
  • 5 Consolations:
    $20 x 5 = $100

Winners will be notified via email/post and results will be posted on Tampines Town Council’s platform (website, Facebook, Instagram and digital noticeboards).

How to take part

  1. Draw: Start drawing in A3 or A4 portrait format.
  2. Share: Tell us in less than 30 words, the story behind your drawing.
  3. Submit: Scan your artwork and save in 300 dpi, .jpg, jpeg or png. Submit digital copy of the artwork, along with accompanying write-up, via the online form HERE

* NOTE: You will only be contacted if your submission is shortlisted. Physical copies of shortlisted entries should be submitted for further evaluation.

You should include the title Eco-Warrior Powers Up Tampines as the comic book masthead and add comic book elements to enhance your work e.g. dialogue in speech bubbles.

Must include comic character Eco-Warrior using one or more of the smart energy technologies (solar panels, cool paint, smart LED lighting and electric cars) to help Tampines fight against climate change.

Bonus points for submissions that feature familiar Tampines landmarks or features.

Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All entries must be submitted by 2359 on 13 August 2023.
  2. The competition is open to all (Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and foreigners) and participation is free.
  3. Participants should be at least 7 years old.
  4. Participants under the age of 18 years old as at 12 June 2023 must obtain consent of parents or legal guardians and by participating in this Contest, it is deemed that consent has been obtained.
  5. All submitted artwork must be original work. Participant must also own the copyright of the drawing. No fanart or art based on existing comic books.
  6. Submitted artwork and caption must be relevant to the theme, Eco-Warrior Powers Up Tampines.
  7. Artwork must be portrait on either:
    • A3 size (42cm (height) X 29.7cm (width) or 4960px (height) X 3508px (width)), or
    • A4 size (29.7cm (height) X 21cm (width) or 3508px (height) X 2480px (width)).
  8. For schools and group submissions (more than 20 submissions), please email us at to make arrangements.
  9. Each participant can submit only one (1) entry.
  10. The artwork is first submitted online via the online form. Tampines Town Council will then request for the physical copy of the artwork if the entry is shortlisted. The original artwork copy will be kept the organiser.
  11. Participants are to ensure that the scanned artwork is clear and of high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) and not more than 20MBs. Submit only image format (png, jpeg, or jpg).
  12. The artwork should not contain any obscene, incendiary, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.
  13. There is no restriction on the form of medium used. Some examples are colour pencils, crayons, watercolours, oil paints, etc. Your illustration must be in full colour
  14. You can also submit digital art (2D). The artwork must not be watermarked by any external source, cannot have any company logos, trademarks or otherwise display copyrighted content which does not belong to the Participant.
  15. Any form of plagiarism or use of copyrighted content or artwork will not be accepted. Entries which have won prizes in other drawing competition, or have been previously used or are intended to be used for any kind of commercial purposes, will not be accepted as well. Participants will indemnify Tampines Town Council against any claims on infringement of copyright relating to their entries.
  16. No re-using of art – your art must be new and made specifically for this contest
  17. By participating in this competition, the participant warrants that he/she has not obtained the artwork via any unethical means.
  18. Tampines Town Council reserves the right to exclude or disqualify any entries that do not meet the requirement.
  19. Winners may be interviewed by Tampines Town Council. All winners consent to public disclosure of their names and results of the competition.
  20. All entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges and all decisions are final. No correspondences or appeals will be entertained.
  21. The participant shall grant Tampines Town Council and its associates a non-exclusive, royalty-free and transferable right to use, reproduce, publish, publicly display, print, edit or distribute his/her artwork in any media format and any media channels as deemed fit by the Town Council.
  22. Tampines Town Council reserves the right to make any changes to the Terms and Conditions set out herein and any other arrangements concerning the competition.
  23. I have read through the PDPA policy ( and agree to the terms.
  24. By providing my contact details, I consent to receive the latest Town updates from Tampines Town Council.

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