Town Council Services

The main services provided by the Town Council to common areas are:

Conservancy and Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning works
  • Pest Control

Estate Maintenance

  • Lighting and fixtures
  • Multi-storey carparks (as managing agent)
  • Re-wiring
  • Water pipes/tanks/pumps
  • Switch rooms
  • Electrical and Mechanical installations
  • Repairs & Redecoration (Re-roofing, repainting)
  • Lifts, lift rescue services
  • Sanitation
  • Electrical and water supply
  • Repair defective public lightings, fixtures and fittings

Estate Improvement Works

  • Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) such as covered linkways, playgrounds, residents' corners, fitness corners, drop-off porches
  • Cyclical maintenance works such as cyclical repairs and redecorations and repainting of buildings. Re-roofing, electrical re-wiring, replacement of water tanks and pumps and replacement of lifts and their components


  • Control on the use and occupation of common property (issue Temporary Occupation Licence TOL)
  • Uphold Town Council By-laws

Use of common areas

  • Booking of void decks, open spaces for events

Landscaping and Horticulture