Transforming Tampines Into An Eco Town

Tampines is fast becoming Singapore's sustainable Eco Town. Our town will see enhancements making it more green and environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability @ Tampines Park

Singapore’s First Community-Based Circular Ecosystem for Sustainable Food Production

Tampines Park is home to a Black Soldier Fly Facility, Tilapia Fish Farm and Vertical High-Tech Farm. Together, they form a circular ecosystem that strengthens the community’s food resilience. Residents can now reduce food waste and help to achieve the nation’s "30 by 30" goal.

Here is how you can play a part

  • Residents can contribute their food waste to feed the Black Soldier Fly larvae, a type of decomposer
  • The nutrient-packed Black Soldier Fly larvae can be a good source of food for the tilapia in the fish farm
  • The excreta (frass) from the larvae can be an excellent fertiliser for the vegetables in the vertical farm
  • The vegetables and tilapia will be harvested and go back to the community, completing the cycle

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Digital Eco Boards to track utility usage

To reduce energy consumption, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (in partnership with Singapore Power and Temasek) will install Eco Boards at our lift lobbies. These low-energy digital boards use smart meters to provide block-level information on water and energy use. Residents will become more aware of their consumption patterns to reduce wastage and the Town Council will manage resource usage more efficiently as a result.

Sustainable community touchpoints

Tampines has implemented community-based projects to encourage on-the-ground sustainability initiatives. There are Reverse Vending Machines in selected parts of Tampines where residents are incentivised with FairPrice discount coupons to practise recycling. The Town Council is also working with relevant agencies to recruit Resident Gardeners to maintain and enhance our community gardens.