Winners of Tampines Town Council 2019 Photo Contest

Winners of Tampines Town Council Photo Contest 2019

They say, “A picture speaks a thousand words” and it is definitely true! The annual photo contest returns this year with three different categories – People, Food and Facilities. The photo contest encouraged our residents to share their love for Tampines through these categories. We have received hundreds of outstanding entries and it was a challenge for our three judges, Mark Teo (People Category Judge), Nicholas Zayden Tan (Food Category Judge) and Jeryl Tan (Facilities Category Judge) to shortlist the top few submissions!

Congratulations to all the winning entries and thank you to those who have participated. It was heart-warming to learn about what you love about Tampines and we couldn’t agree more!

Be sure to check out our winning entries below and we look forward to seeing your photo entries in our Photo Contest 2020!

People Category

Beautiful community gardens for all to enjoy

1st Prize: Jasline Tan

#iloveTAMPINES because friendly residents create beautiful community gardens for all to enjoy!

Top view of people walking along a street in Tampines

2nd Prize: Terence Lee

#iloveTAMPINES because of our people and my home.

- This is a top view of people walking along a street in Tampines.

Children at the playground

3rd Prize: Tricia Yeo

#iloveTAMPINES because it is my roots. It gives me memories that cannot be erased even when I’m older. If I had to move out of Tampines someday, it will always be where home is.

Students playing at the field

Merit Prize: Chua Khong Huat

#iloveTAMPINES because it is my home; it is my heart! The residents are so lucky to have everything they need here. Tampines also is a town with many educational institutions and schools. Students get to play and learn on a big playground like this.

Shadow of parent and children

Merit Prize: Grace Chan

#iloveTAMPINES because this is the lovely town. I grew up with my siblings and parents here, and this vibrant town will be where my children will grow up together with us and their grandparents.

Children of different races enjoying themselves in an enclosure full of colourful balls

Merit Prize: Loh Charn Whye

#iloveTAMPINES because the children of Tampines are very fortunate to be living here. There are so many amenities to enjoy. This photo, taken during the National Day at Our Tampines Hub, features children of different races enjoying themselves in an enclosure full of colourful balls.

University graduation photoshoot

Merit Prize: Samantha Seah

#iloveTAMPINES because it is where my alma mater is. Growing up here holds many fond memories of the friendships forged through strife, anxiety and excitement. We have all since graduated, but this place still holds a special place in shaping us into who we have become today – we came back for a university graduation photoshoot.

Hardworking cleaning crew

Merit Prize: Steven Liew

#iloveTAMPINES because of the clean environment that we get to enjoy because of the hardworking cleaning crew that works tirelessly every day.

Food Category

Hawkers behind the food

1st Prize: Steven Liew

#iloveTAMPINES because the food is different from those found in other estates. Also, the hawkers behind the food are so friendly and this makes it a more pleasant experience.

Sizzling smell of grilled meats

2nd Prize: Samantha Seah

#iloveTAMPINES because late night food joints are aplenty! Besides the usual supper spots for prata and ice cold bundung, many neighborhoods now fuel our late-night hunger pangs for mookata, creating lively spaces abuzz with activity and the sizzling smell of grilled meats.

All kinds of food at the neighborhood wet market

3rd Prize: Hang Loo Ming

#iloveTAMPINES because you can find all kinds of food at the neighborhood wet market.

Authentic Thai Food

Merit Prize: Ally Chua

#iloveTAMPINES because Soi Thai serves up authentic Thai Food that I love! It reminds me of the food I had in Bangkok.

Younger hawkers come up with innovative food ideas

Merit Prize: Joey Lim

#iloveTAMPINES because the younger hawkers always come up with innovative food ideas in our coffee shops at the HDB blocks!

Makisan in Century Square

Merit Prize: Lily Yuri

#iloveTAMPINES because of the Makisan in Century Square!

Authentic Thai food

Merit Prize: Rochelle Tan

#iloveTAMPINES because of the authentic Thai food! This place reminds me of the food that I love in Bangkok!

Delicious Hong Kong Dim Sum

Merit Prize: Teo Ting Wei

#iloveTAMPINES because you don't have to go very far for delicious Hong Kong Dim Sum. On Sunday mornings, we spend family time together by savoring Siew Mai, Har Kow, and more. No matter where I am, this is what I will always miss.

Facilities Category

Spend their leisure time

1st Prize: Keith Shepherdson

#iloveTAMPINES because of the facilities. People from all walks of life spend their leisure time at the Festive Plaza at Our Tampines Hub; whether it's to watch a movie or enjoy local acts performing live.

Bicycle friendly

2nd Prize: Samantha Seah

#iloveTAMPINES because it is bicycle friendly. It is one of the first few towns that encouraged the use of bicycles with dedicated cycling paths.

Instagrammable spots

3rd Prize: Steven Sung

#ilovetampines because this neighborhood has one of the most Instagrammable spots in Singapore! Our country is world's 10th most Instagrammable country in 2018 and I am proud to be a resident of Tampines.

Green concept of Our Tampines Hub

Merit Prize: David Hong

#iloveTAMPINES because I like the green concept of Our Tampines Hub.

HDB stairway

Merit Prize: Ivan Ng

#iloveTAMPINES because the people make our time spent together enjoyable and fun-filled! We do not need expensive facilities to have a good time. Remember the simpler days when we had basic amenities in our neighborhood. We formed the most unforgettable childhood memories then.

Festive Plaza of Our Tampines Hub

Merit Prize: Izuddin Sufian

#iloveTAMPINES because this town is a haven for everyone of all ages. During my days of unemployment, I would drop by at the Festive Plaza of Our Tampines Hub, and always found these coloured seats in front of the big screen occupied. I am not sure if these people paid any attention to what was playing on the screen, but they could always find a seat to relax whether it was morning, noon or night.

Bird-hanging pavilion for bird lovers

Merit Prize: Jasline Tan

#iloveTampines because facilities are provided for residents to cater to a variety of needs, such as this bird-hanging pavilion for bird lovers!

Dawn view

Merit Prize: Kevin Wong

#iloveTAMPINES because it is where I have been living since, I was a teenager. I love everything about Tampines. This picture is taken directly inside my master bedroom. I sleep with the curtain opened every night because I love how the sun peeps through my window and onto my face, giving me a warmth that no money can buy.

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