Meet Jeryl Tan!

Passion is no doubt a pivotal start in photography, but an eye for detail and aesthetics makes all the difference. In the case of Jeryl’s photography, he checks all the boxes for strategic photography!

Meet Jeryl Tan, our judge for the ‘Facilities’ category for this year’s Photo Contest!

A self-taught photographer, Jeryl has become one of Singapore’s best known commercial photographers! He discovered his passion for photography in 2014, and has since had the prerogative of working with international brands, such as: Club Med, Bulgari, and Coach to name a few. Jeryl has also given photo workshops with Apple and Singapore Sports Hub.

In doing so, he enriches the lives of many through his art of crystallizing momentous occasions into his photographs. Jeryl’s photographs has indeed touched the hearts of many as shown by his 73.5K (and growing) followers on Instagram!

We had the opportunity to talk to Jeryl about his photography journey, his inspirations, and his tips to capture the perfect shot! During our exclusive sit-down interview with him, Jeryl credited social media as a great tool in sharing and gaining various ideas related to photography. He is an active user of Instagram and Facebook and acclaims their uses in enhancing his talent and skill.

As an architectural photographer, Jeryl’s photo libraries are full of exquisite landscapes that have a strong focus on symmetry, lines, and patterns. When we asked Jeryl what he looks for when taking photos, he said: “I look for symmetry and some sort of pattern. Symmetry is visually appealing and gives the photo structure”. Well, we guess that explains his beautiful Instagram feed!

It goes without saying that photographs is the ubiquitous language of our era. Having said that, Jeryl’s photographs accurately capture the essence of his objective—that being to delineate his passion to his growing audience. Using his expertise on symmetry, aesthetics, and professional experience on photography, we look forward to seeing more of Jeryl’s incredible work in the future!

Of course, you do not need to be a professional photographer to take beautiful stills! During our interview, Jeryl shared some useful tips for any aspiring photographer on how to capture the perfect shot!

Jeryl’s Instagram, @smilewithjeryl features his travels to New York City, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Belgium, to name a few, for his photography projects!

Photo Tips From Jeryl

  1. Think of composition
  2. Take note of the lighting - the best timing to take photos are usually during sunrise and sunset
  3. Be mindful of your color palettes!
  4. Have a sense of symmetry in your photographs with the use of lines and patterns!
  5. Keep practicing
    Words of advice from Jeryl: think outside of the box and show your creative side!

Wondering how to take part? Say no more…

  1. Take a photo of your preferred category (e.g. Facilities/Food/People) according to the contest’s theme of “#iloveTAMPINESbecause…”
  2. Photos submitted are to be taken in Tampines
  3. Tell us in less than 100 words what you love about your photo subject (facilities/food/people), starting with the hashtag “#iloveTAMPINESbecause”
  4. Email your photos and accompanying write-ups to:

Follow Jeryl Tan!

Instagram: @smilewithjeryl


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