Learning Best at the Learning Fest!

Tampines Learning Festival returns for yet another year! The annual festival that encourages cross-skill learning in children offered a supersized variety of fun for its fun-sized audience. Mind-bending quizzes, mini bowling, bouncy castles, and murder mysteries were just some of the activities available at the Tampines Community Plaza festival grounds. The festival also incorporated a Singapore Bicentennial theme.

MPs for Tampines GRC Mr Heng Swee Keat, Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Ms Cheng Li Hui, Mr Desmond Choo, and Mr Baey Yam Keng graced the event. They toured the festival grounds and took group photos with event performers, some of whom were children enrolled in preschools and childcare centres all across Tampines.

Alluding to the children’s performances, Ms Cheng said: “Children’s performances always make us smile. They have so much energy and innocence. The Learning Festival is a good platform for children to have public performances.”

Mr Sudirman, 39, a Malay teacher from Junyuan Primary School, revealed that much thought and planning went into choreographing his students’ dance performance. “We followed the Bicentennial theme. We started with a Malay folk dance, but tweaked it slightly to make it upbeat towards the end. This resonates with the exciting future of Singapore,” he explained. “Our students have also overcome stage fright and become more confident through the stage performance,” he added.

Mr Leong Tai, 62, applauded the teachers’ ability to devise games that linked fun with history. “These games help to keep the youths’ mind active, while educating them about our common heritage,” he observed.

The Learning Festival brings great joy to everyone as it always showcases the talents and dreams of children, the future of Singapore! Let’s put our hands together for our educators who work hard to plant the seeds of learning in the little ones!

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