Gifting Health with a Green Way of Life

Gifting Health with a Green Way of Life

Wang Yuan Fish Soup's nutritious broths and fresh ingredients have filled the stomachs of many Tampines residents for the past nine years. The owners – Derrick Ng and Eunis Lim – whose journey in providing the community with wholesome, natural food started with a box of plants at their HDB corridor.

"We started with only four boxes of vegetables that we grew for our consumption. What we wanted was to harvest chlorophyll," Derrick said. "As we grew more vegetables, neighbours asked if I could grow some for them." As the word spread, his urban farm expanded.

Seeing how some neighbours had no time to cook, Derrick began to prepare soup with wild-caught fish and the organic vegetables that he grew. "With positive feedback from residents, it inspired me to do even more to provide quality food," Derrick said. Eunis mentioned: "We happened to see an available stall. We just dived in to start a fish soup business so that there is an avenue for us to use all these organic vegetables for fish soup."

Consuming the wholesome and natural food that he cooked, his customers are happy to know that they are paying for the same nourishing ingredients that Derrick uses for his family.

Visit Wang Yuan Fish Soup at any of their two locations to enjoy a nutritious bowl of fish soup.


  • Block 823A Tampines Street 81 Singapore 520823
  • Block 519A Tampines Central 8 Singapore 521519

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