Welcome to Tampines - Model Cycling Town

Cycling is an environmentally friendly and a healthy mode of transport and Tampines, being a compact town is an ideal choice for a model cycling town. Taking Tampines MRT station as a focal point, the furthest block is only 2 kilometres away. With facilities, schools and shops in close proximity, more and more residents are choosing to cycle as their preferred mode of transport to travel about in Tampines.

Town Council By-Laws


A Community Safety and Security Programme (Anti - Bicycle Theft Project)

Tampines estate was introduced as the first cycling town in Singapore where cyclists are allowed to ride their bicycles on footpath. With the increase in the number of cyclists and bicycles, Changi NPC and Tampines NPC and Tampines Town Council came up with this initiative to curb bicycle thefts.

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Improvements made for cycling on footpaths

Letter from Ms Soh Chor Yin, General Manager/Secretary, Tampines Town Council in TODAY newspaper.

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Tampines first to launch high security labels for bicycles

Tampines is the first town in SIngapore to launch high security labels for bicycles as part of Its efforts to become a model cycling town. The tamper proof labels contain security features and offer cyclists a unique identifier for their bicycles. Bicycle owners are encouraged to register their bicycle security labels in the online Bicycle Identification System (BIDS) administered by Tampines Town Council.

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Future Cycling Networks

Under the Tampines Masterplan 2011 - 2015, the cycling network in Tampines wil be enhanced with more cycling paths.

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Less abandoned bicycles found in Tampines

In the bid of becoming a model cycling town, Tampines Town Council conducted a ground survey in July 2008 and found1, 560 derelict bicycles in Tampines. 

To look into the problem of abandoned bicycles, a Derelict Bicycle Removal programme was introduced by Tampines Town Council last year and has since helped reduce the number of abandoned bicycles.

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Tampines Town officially became Singapore's first model cycling town

Cycling on footways is legalized in Tampines Town from 1 March 2010 onwards. It is the only town where cycling is allowed on footways and auxiliary police officers, together with the volunteer cycling wardens are conducting regular patrols at different hours of the day.

Town Council bylaws on bicycle use to come into operation

The Tampines Town Council bylaws on bicycle use have been gazetted and will come into operation on 1 March 2010. Click here for a copy of the bylaws.

The new cycling by-laws will allow the Town Council to take enforcement action against reckless cyclists as a last resort. The Police will continue to investigate those cases where injury is caused, under the existing laws. Tampines will be the only town where the footways are shared by both the cyclists and the pedestrians. Click here for a copy of the media release and click here for a copy of Mr Masagos' speech.

Bicycle Identification System (BIDS)